The color, texture, and patterns of a floor can highlight or dampen the atmosphere of any room. If your home’s flooring is dull, too dark, breaking, or lifting, RNR Home Improvements specializes in installing new flooring to update your house’s interior.

If your home is built on a concrete slab, you know there may be dips and digs in various spots of your flooring. You may have even pulled up some of the flooring and found old floors underneath. Multiple layers of flooring can cause your top flooring to crack and warp over time. Additionally, if this flooring is in a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, a leak between layers of flooring can go unnoticed for months, leading to serious mold and structural damage when it’s finally discovered. 

At RNR Home Improvements, we have machines to chip up old tile and flooring to remove it quickly. We then install floor leveling to ensure your new flooring is even. For subfloors, we install screws and hardware to help prevent squeaking, and we belt sand the joints to ensure your subfloor is as even as possible before installation.

We install LVT/LVP, vinyl and laminate flooring, tile, hardwood, floating, and other popular choices. We can also sand and refinish your existing hardwood floors so they look like new again. If you need a garage or workshop finished, we offer Penntek Industrial Coating for concrete floors, which is durable and non-slip. For top-floor porches, we provide HydroStop for a non-slip, waterproof surface.  

Once your flooring is installed, we sand, prime, caulk, putty, and paint your new shoe molding and baseboards so your new floor looks great. Choose 5¼” baseboards with square stock shoe molding for a beachy look and feel, a popular choice for Wilmington Island and Tybee Island homes.

If you’re ready to replace your flooring in Savannah, contact us today for a free estimate.