Garage Doors

Garage doors don’t have to be dull and boring. In fact, a luxury-style modern garage door can upgrade your curb appeal and add character to your overall aesthetics. If you have an old, pull-up garage door, we can help you find the right automatic garage door and opener for years of consistent use. 

Garage doors can also make interesting accent pieces for game rooms. Install an all-glass garage door into your rec room and provide easy access to and from the pool, without spoiling the view of your backyard. A small garage door makes a great addition to any workshop or shed. Mosaic designs are a classy and upscale statement for the front of your home, and we can match the style to your front door and façade.

If you have a golf cart, keeping it out of the elements is essential for a long life. If you are a vacation rental owner, you want to keep your golf cart safe and out of sight of guests. A golf cart garage and garage door is an excellent solution to storing your golf cart until you’re ready for your next excursion. Many customers also use these areas to store their motorcycles, scooters, and river boats.

Carriage house garage doors make great accent pieces and help keep the charm of the original carriage house. Choose from composite wood or steel for low-maintenance options that look great and help your carriage house complement your home’s decor and style. 

For more ideas about garage doors in Savannah, give RNR Home Improvements a call and let us help you connect with the experts to design the perfect garage door for your home.