Garages, Workshops & Sheds

In Savannah, getting into a hot car in the middle of a humid summer day is never pleasant. If you’ve been longing for a garage to keep your ride cool and your trips into the house dry, RNR Home Improvements can help you build the garage of your dreams. 

We specialize in additions to your home and freestanding garages. Whether you need a 1- or 2- car garage, a place for your golf cart, or storage above, our construction ensures that this investment in your home will be beautiful and functional. 

If you’ve outgrown your garage and need a new space for your tools and lawnmower, a workshop or shed may be the answer you are looking for. Unlike metal and prefabricated units, our workshops and sheds are built on-site using quality, pressure-treated lumber and marine-grade substrate. We equip our buildings with hurricane strapping to code, and all doors and windows meet local and state regulations. Our garages, workshops, and sheds are built with durability and quality in mind. Store your camping gear, fishing gear, or motorcycle with peace of mind that your investments will be protected.

We can run electrical, plumbing, and HVAC to any addition or freestanding structure, so you can utilize this new space for long days of woodworking or upgrading your hot rod. Many people also like freestanding sheds, workshops, and garages to create art studios, meditation spaces, or as a vacation rental option. 

If you’re ready to build a garage, workshop, or shed in Savannah, let RNR Home Improvements help you create a functional, long-lasting space for your needs. Contact us today.