Patios, Pavers, Outdoor Kitchens & Stamped Concrete

Patios, walkways, and paver stones are excellent choices to help you maximize your backyard. A patio is a great complement to any pool or deck, and a fire pit can provide you and your family with years of cozy nights in your Savannah yard. A patio gives you a clean, inviting area to entertain friends and family. If you’re ready to host an epic cookout, consider coupling your patio with a fireplace, TV, and shed roof for added ambiance and protection from the elements. Install a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen on your patio so you can keep the drink fridge close by and have all of your tools ready to cook.

Pavers are a nice way to provide safe spaces to walk between areas of your yard, and they are a great option for any patio. They are more durable than concrete and don’t require regular sealing, which helps keep maintenance to a minimum. For frequent foot traffic, pavers are a long-lasting choice for your patio space.

On the other hand, while pavers can loosen over time, concrete is another excellent option for your patio. Concrete expands and contracts in the harsh Savannah heat, so it can withstand years of exposure to our unique climate. Stamped concrete is a beautiful alternative to tile or pavers, and you can have virtually any pattern or color you desire. 

At RNR Home Improvements, we can help you decide which option is best for your backyard, and we can connect you with expert designers to turn your yard into a paradise. Our electricians and plumbers can install patio heaters, fans, mist systems, and patio cooling systems so you can enjoy your patio year-round. 

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