Painting & Trim Work

At RNR Home Improvements, our painting and trim work can make the interior of your home feel updated and even brand-new. Over time, busy family life, activities, kids, and pets can cause dents in your drywall, scuffs and scrapes on your baseboards and door casings, and general wear-and-tear on your surroundings. If you have high ceilings and hard-to-reach places, painting can feel like an impossible job. With Precision Painting through RNR Home Improvements, we can repair damage and brighten any room with quality cut-and-rolled durable interior paint.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from homeowners is about their popcorn ceilings. While popcorn ceilings were popular options in the 1980s and 1990s, they can make a room feel small and they can get very dirty over time. In most renovations, we recommend removing popcorn ceilings to increase the aesthetics of your home and modernize your rooms.

Many older homes have stained, outdated colonial wood trim, which can make hallways and bedrooms feel particularly dark and old. We can install 5¼” baseboards with square stock molding to create a beachy, clean look that brings your home into the 21st century. Add a touch of elegance and class with crown molding, chair rails, and judgment panels to your dining room, hallways, and living rooms.

Homeowners also love to get rid of those old, rounded newel posts and pickets on their railings. We can upgrade stairwells with square pickets and updated newel posts. 

Trim and paint set the tone and style of your room. Let us help you update the painting and trim work in your Savannah home. For more options or to schedule your free estimate, call us today.